pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglectpediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

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pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

Accidents happen every day, but some of these accidents could have been avoided if someone had paid a little more attention or didn't neglect a part of their employment responsibilities. When an accident could have been avoided, but wasn't, it is possible that financial rewards could be received. My niece was fell very ill because her doctor failed to pay attention to her symptoms prior to pumping her full of vaccinations. Those vaccinations complicated the underlying problems and caused her serious injuries. Visit through my blog to follow our story and to learn what you can do if a child you love is injured by a doctor's neglect.

Who Can You Sue In A Trucking Accident?

If you have been involved in a car crash that involved a commercial semi-truck, you may be thinking about pursuing a personal injury case. Even at slower speeds, accidents that involve these huge trucks can be quite dangerous and can result in serious injury. There is a chance that you have needed a lot of medical care and that you have missed a lot of work, which can both be quite expensive. You should not have to cover these expenses if you were not at fault in the accident, but you may need to file a lawsuit to get the money that is owed to you.

You could be having trouble determining who to sue in this situation, however. The truth is that there might be multiple parties that you can sue because of your accident. Luckily, a good lawyer who is accustomed to handling trucking accidents should be able to help.

The Truck Driver

In many cases, you may be able to go after the truck driver in the accident for the money that you owe. This is particularly true if the driver was negligent in any way that might have caused the accident, such as if he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or was speeding or driving recklessly.

The Trucking Company

You may also be able to hold the trucking company responsible. Most trucking companies have insurance that will cover such matters. Plus, the trucking company should be held responsible in many scenarios, such as if it encouraged the driver to drive for longer periods of time than is required by law.

The Manufacturer of the Truck or Trailer

In some situations, truck accidents are not actually either driver's fault. Instead, they can be caused by a truck that malfunctions in some way. In these cases, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck, the trailer or any of the major parts for the truck or trailer. Not only will this help you get the money that you need, but it can also encourage manufacturers to recall dangerous trucks and make changes in how trucks and equipment are manufactured in the future.

As you can see, there are various parties that you can hold responsible in the event of a trucking accident. If you have been involved in one of these accidents and want to learn more, contact a local trucking accident attorney like Bennett & Zydron PC.