pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglectpediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

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pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

Accidents happen every day, but some of these accidents could have been avoided if someone had paid a little more attention or didn't neglect a part of their employment responsibilities. When an accident could have been avoided, but wasn't, it is possible that financial rewards could be received. My niece was fell very ill because her doctor failed to pay attention to her symptoms prior to pumping her full of vaccinations. Those vaccinations complicated the underlying problems and caused her serious injuries. Visit through my blog to follow our story and to learn what you can do if a child you love is injured by a doctor's neglect.

Alternatives To Suing: Other Ways To Get Compensation For A Personal Injury

If you have been in injured through no fault of your own, you are likely considering whether or not to file a suit against the person or company that caused you harm. You may be wondering if there are other ways to get compensated for your injuries besides hiring a personal injury lawyer. Read on for ways to pursue money damages from an injury without filing suit.

Threaten a Lawsuit

You may not really be serious about suing, but the other party doesn't know that. Sometimes just letting the other party know about the injury with a convincing demand letter is all that is necessary to get a fair offer of compensation. A good demand letter should include all the details about the accident, such as

  • A description of the incident.
  • The names of any witnesses to the incident.
  • Any official reports, such a a police report.
  • A summary of any medical expenses, including estimates of any future costs.
  • How the incident has affected you, such as missing work.
  • The reason that the other party is at fault.
  • The total amount you are requesting. Be sure to request an amount a little higher to leave room for negotiations.
  • What will happen if the demands aren't met; for example, filing suit.

Complain and Claim

If you have been injured at work, you are likely covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance. You can get your medical expenses and lost wages taken care of with workers compensation, but not pain and suffering. Your HR department at work will assist you in filing the claim. You should consider retaining a personal injury attorney if your claim is denied or if you feel that you are not receiving proper compensation. If you had an injury at a place of business, you should contact the manager right away and fill out any claim or injury forms. Sometimes the company will work with you to compensate you. 

Making an appointment with a personal injury attorney is still a good idea, even if you are not sure how far you want to take your claim.The attorney will look at the incident details and advise you on the merits of the case. Personal injury lawyers have the expertise to get you compensation, sometimes without filing suit, through demand letters and settlement negotiations. If you are unsure of what course to take, trust a legal professional to be an advocate for you in this matter.