pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglectpediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

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pediatric injuries caused by a doctor's neglect

Accidents happen every day, but some of these accidents could have been avoided if someone had paid a little more attention or didn't neglect a part of their employment responsibilities. When an accident could have been avoided, but wasn't, it is possible that financial rewards could be received. My niece was fell very ill because her doctor failed to pay attention to her symptoms prior to pumping her full of vaccinations. Those vaccinations complicated the underlying problems and caused her serious injuries. Visit through my blog to follow our story and to learn what you can do if a child you love is injured by a doctor's neglect.

Using Impairment-Based Approach To Estimate Workers Compensation Benefits

Most states have a workers' compensation schedule, which is a statutory way of calculating benefits for permanent partial disability benefits for workers injured on the job. The schedule details injuries to particular body parts, such as legs or hands, and how much each injury is worth in compensation. However, some injuries, such as those affecting internal organs, do not fit neatly into such schedules. Therefore, states have come up with different methods for estimating such injuries and determining their worth. Read More 

Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Doctor Error

Even the most skilled and talented physicians can make errors that can have devastating results, but by taking special precautions, you can avoid physician error. Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this problem can help keep you and the rest of your family safe. Assemble a Packet With Your Personal Medical History Many people will switch physicians over the years, and when they travel from one doctor to the next, their complete medical history may not travel with them—or at least, it may not travel with them quickly. Read More 

3 Important Things To Understand Regarding Bites From Wild Animals

Many people only think about dogs when they think about animal bites; however, there are plenty of other pets that have teeth. The difference may be in the way that these animal bites are handled in the event of a lawsuit. Who can be held responsible? Do you have rights if you are bitten by a wild animal? Here are a few things that may come in handy regarding wild animal bites: Read More 

4 Parts Of The Discovery Stage Of A Lawsuit

If you're involved in a lawsuit, this can be an uncertain and challenging time for you. The difficulty of going through this legal process from start to finish can be a nerve-wracking one. It's ideal to know as much as possible about how to prove your case if you want to have success. Knowing all the parts of the discovery stage is important for helping you to strengthen your case. Read More 

Determining Who Is Liable For A Birth Malpractice Claim

Suffering an injury during what is meant to be one of the happiest times of your life can be devastating, even if both you and your child eventually recover. If you or your infant suffered an injury due to negligence or malpractice, you may have a legal case against those that were at fault. Knowing who to sue is key to creating a successful case. The following is a list of the entities and providers that could be held liable for your birth injury. Read More